Bar-cafe wood decor, Austria

 Metzgerstuble bar-cafe decor (Austria) create a wood furnished structure which consist of differing in size wooden strips.

Architect: DI Bernardo Bader
Photos: Adolf Bereuter

Luxury 5-star restaurant, China (+plan)

 The Yuwan Restaurant is a luxury 5-star restaurant (China), serving eastern and western fusion delicacies.

Architect: Nota Design Architects + Engineers Pte Ltd
Photos: Jian Long

Grill & Sake bar, Australia (+plan)

 The Maedaya Grill & Sake bar (Australia) demonstrates the using of recyclable ordinary material for projects without  sophistication of the service and food.

Architect: EAT Architects
Photos: Derek Swalwell

Good contemporary seafood restaurant

 The main dining room of this good contemporary seafood restaurant L2O in Chicago is one volume, but architects designed distinctive artistic elements to create the sense of a private space for each table. The space also offers Tatami-style dining niches and includes private dining in separate rooms.

Architect: Dirk Denison Architects
Photos: Michelle Litvin Photography

Restaurant in Chicago, USA

 Terzo Piano Restaurant (Chicago, USA) was designed as a changeable canvas with flexible seating arrangements and movable pieces.

Architect: Dirk Denison Architects
Photos: Michelle Litvin Photography

Luxury restaurant in Singapore (+plan)

 Design of the luxury restaurant in Singapore consists of a main dining room, four teppanyaki rooms, a sake bar/caviar lounge and support spaces.

Architects and photo: JZA+D

Bookstore cafe in Manhattan, NYC, USA

Front Studio Architects designed this bookstore cafe in Manhattan (NYC, USA) to reflect the individual character and spirit of McNally Jackson bookstore.

Photos: Maggie Soloday