Jing Chinese restaurant, Singapore

The Jing Chinese restaurant (Singapore) is placed in a 3400 sqft. unit in One Fullerton building with a south east picturesque view of the Marina Bay. It is subdivided into two activity areas: 2400 sqft. dining area (two private dining rooms, main hall, ladies powder room) and 1000 sqft back-of-house area (staff room, kitchen and office). The ceiling shape of the dining area is a dramatic expression of the interior and at the same time is a design response to a technical requirements for air conditioning system and mechanical ventilation.

Design: Antonio Eraso Co.
Photography: Derek Swalwell

Conduit restaurant, San Francisco

Conduit restaurant (San Francisco) located on the low ceiling ground floor in a residential building had a tangled maze of electrical, sprinkler and plumbing conduits serving the living accommodations above. Instead of use covering these pipes and thus reducing the space, even more pipes were layered over the existing conduits to remediate the situation.

Design: Natoma Architects, Stanley Saitowitz
Photography: Rien van Rijthoven

Restaurant on the roof

Nomiya is a transportable, temporary restaurant on the roof of Palais de Tokyo museum (Paris, France). The 63 sqm restaurant features a 12 people dining room with a panoramic view over the Eiffel tower and the Seine.

Design: Laurent Grasso, Pascal Grasso
Photography: Kleinefenn

Restaurant 560, Lisbon, Portugal

The Restaurant 560 is located in an old building in Lisbon’s city centre. The unity of the two dining-rooms is given by the osb - wooden material that fully coats the walls, floor and ceiling. The separation between the services area and the eating area is made by a black tile wall, which draws the line to where the bar, kitchen and toilets are, and marks the change in materials.

Design: Joao Tiago Aguiar
Photography: Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Nobu Dubai restaurant, Palm Jumeirah, UAE

The Nobu Dubai restaurant (Palm Jumeirah, UAE) includes a main dining area, bar/lounge, private dining room and sushi bar. Three dimensional abaca woven panels surround the main dining area, the bar is made from 3 inch timber solid planks with an onyx backlit front. Sushi bar surfaces are encased in black color bamboo embedded terrazzo.

Design and photography: Rockwell Group

Le Dauphin restaurant, Paris, France

Le Dauphin restaurant occupies 80 sqm and has very attractive and nicely done interior design, which received the 2010 Fooding award.

Design: Rem Koolhaas, Clement Blanchet
Photography: Clement Guillaume, Ruault

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Rangali, Maldives

Dine 5 meters below sea level at Ithaa, Rangali Maldives Island's unique underwater restaurant. Guests can enloy the beauty, clarity, and color of the underwater world through acrylic roof and walls.

Design: MJ Murphy

Green Bistro, Osnabruck, Germany

Green Bistro in Osnabruck (Germany) is a modern sustainable place, which provide green healthy food. The tulip tables and white chairs perfectly complete a welcoming design with an original ceiling shape that seems to belong to a magic fantastic world.

Design: Siddik Erdogan & Jorn Frohlich

The Nautilus Project restaurant, Singapore

The Nautilus Project restaurant design (Singapore) embodies the present feelings of the times and expresses the big tolerance in the psychologically comfortable interior.

Interior: Design Spirits

Emporio Baglione restaurant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Emporio Baglione restaurant (Sao Paulo, Brazil) is located in a nice and trendy neighborhood. The use of stone and wood in the facade of the restaurant creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Through the roof glazing, natural light penetrates into the space, even the most distant from the entrance.

Architecture and photography: Rocco, Vidal+arquitetos

Sky Restaurant Las Vegas

Sky Restaurant Las Vegas offers the unforgettable and unique dining experience. Dinner in the Sky event was launched in Belgium by an attractions company and now is available all over the world.

Creative Alliance Cafe, Baltimore, USA

The Creative Alliance Cafe (Baltimore, USA) is a part of the eponymous community that brings together audiences and artists at the arts center, converted from the former Patterson Movie Theater.

Design: PI.KL Studio & Kroiz Architecture
Photography: Norscode

Spectacles Jeux Restaurant, Salins-les-Bains, France

Spectacles Jeux Restaurant is situated in Salins-les-Bains, France. The double outer shell with exterior skin made of rusty steel creates the atmosphere of the industrial site and keeps a singular and contemporary architectural style.

Design: Malcotti Roussey Architectes
Photography: Nicolas Waltefaugle

Rosso restaurant interior design, Israel

In the Rosso restaurant interior (Israel) designers gave the atmosphere of a picturesque natural environment of the area. Light coming from the spaces between the ceiling beams, promotes a warm and somewhat mystical mood in the evening.

Design: SO Architecture
Photography: Asaf Oren

Nazca Peruvian Restaurant, Bogota, Colombia

The Nazca Peruvian Restaurant (Bogota, Colombia) consists two zone: VIP, bar and snacks area on the 2nd floor; and kitchen and dining area on the first floor.

Design: Giancarlo Mazzanti, Paula Galarza

Xing Chinese restaurant, New York

Xing Chinese restaurant (New York) is divided into four parts, each of which is decorated with different material. These rooms change their decor, in accordance with an increase in privacy, style of hard stone to soft velvet.

Architecture: Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis Architects (LTL Architects)
Photography: Michael Moran Studio

Royal/T restaurant, California, USA

On the idea of designers in one big conceptual space of the Royal/T restaurant (California, USA) combines a cafe, art gallery and retail shop. The creators of the interior were inspired by impressions of contemporary Japanese culture and cosplay.

Design and photography: wHY Architecture

Pool deck, bar and restaurant, Las Vegas, USA

Breeze Cafe, Pool Bar and Liquid Pool Lounge are parts of the world`s largest LEED Certified project, located in Las Vegas, USA.

Design: GRAFT

Tree Restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand

Tree Restaurant is the epitome of fairy stories about magic and forest. Ten meters wide construction assembled from wooden beams and designed for 18 seats.

Architecture: Pacific Environments / Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett
Photos: Lucy Gauntlett

Granite columns restaurant interior, Santiago, Chile

Ten-ton columns of raw granite supports ceiling beams of the Mestizo restaurant in Santiago, Chile. This project is the winner of the competition on restaurant design in Las Americas Park in 2005.

Architecture: Smiljan Radic Clarke
Photos: Gonzalo Puga

Theodore Cafe Bistro, Israel

The Theodore Cafe Bistro (Israel) not only creates exquisite culinary atmosphere, but also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy art, literature and musical interior design accents.

Architects: SO Architecture
Photos: Asaf Oren

Mexican restaurant La Condesa, Austin, USA (+plan)

This mexican restaurant La Condesa (Austin, USA) was nominated for a 2010 James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in the country. Engaging and comfortable space created by contrast of industrial materials with fabric and wood.

Architects: Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
Photos: Paul Bardagjy

Bar-cafe wood decor, Austria

 Metzgerstuble bar-cafe decor (Austria) create a wood furnished structure which consist of differing in size wooden strips.

Architect: DI Bernardo Bader
Photos: Adolf Bereuter

Luxury 5-star restaurant, China (+plan)

 The Yuwan Restaurant is a luxury 5-star restaurant (China), serving eastern and western fusion delicacies.

Architect: Nota Design Architects + Engineers Pte Ltd
Photos: Jian Long

Grill & Sake bar, Australia (+plan)

 The Maedaya Grill & Sake bar (Australia) demonstrates the using of recyclable ordinary material for projects without  sophistication of the service and food.

Architect: EAT Architects
Photos: Derek Swalwell

Good contemporary seafood restaurant

 The main dining room of this good contemporary seafood restaurant L2O in Chicago is one volume, but architects designed distinctive artistic elements to create the sense of a private space for each table. The space also offers Tatami-style dining niches and includes private dining in separate rooms.

Architect: Dirk Denison Architects
Photos: Michelle Litvin Photography

Restaurant in Chicago, USA

 Terzo Piano Restaurant (Chicago, USA) was designed as a changeable canvas with flexible seating arrangements and movable pieces.

Architect: Dirk Denison Architects
Photos: Michelle Litvin Photography

Luxury restaurant in Singapore (+plan)

 Design of the luxury restaurant in Singapore consists of a main dining room, four teppanyaki rooms, a sake bar/caviar lounge and support spaces.

Architects and photo: JZA+D

Bookstore cafe in Manhattan, NYC, USA

Front Studio Architects designed this bookstore cafe in Manhattan (NYC, USA) to reflect the individual character and spirit of McNally Jackson bookstore.

Photos: Maggie Soloday